Testimonials from Hollywood Clients Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close


More Testimonials from Ottawa Clients

I have been a client of Guy Murray's at Studio Elite for nigh on four years now. Under Guy's tutelage, I lost 110 lbs in the first 13 months with him, and I have put back on only 25lbs since then. Guy is a peerless personal trainer, because of his unique ability not only to properly assess the physical needs and capabilities and needs of his clients, but also to adapt his teaching to the emotional and psychological needs of those who work with him. Whereas previous attempts to get back into shape had all ended in injury, Guy was able to moderate and guide my efforts so that I could avoid getting hurt, while doubling my strength and establishing the foundations for genuine fitness. I would, and have, recommend Studio Elite Fitness to all.
Thomas Bergbusch

Guy's dedication to his craft is found not only through his instruction but by the stories he's tells, his fitness inventions and the pure passion he as for personal fitness. Whether its reminiscing about his world travels training movie stars or his recent appearance on Dragon's Den, Guy his sure to make your personal experience rewarding and valuable.
Allan Kerr